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Physicians’ Clinic of Iowa offers the unique skills and experience of eastern Iowa’s top orthopedic physicians. Located in Cedar Rapids, IA, we offer advanced treatments right in the comfort of your own community. Our board certified orthopedic surgeons use the latest minimally invasive surgical techniques, such as da Vinci and Navio robotic surgery, to produce the quickest recovery times. They treat every case, from common problems such as broken arms, to treating the most complex conditions.

Patients of PCI in Cedar Rapids benefit from our on-­site Imaging Center, allowing for collaboration with our Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy teams, who provide rehabilitation and prevention services. This also cuts down on travel time, scheduling conflicts and overall hassle of our patients – PCI is a one­‐stop location for your medical needs. Our orthopedic doctors and physical therapists work together to ensure patients are provided with the optimal customized treatment plan in the most convenient manner possible.

What do PCI orthopedic surgeons treat?

Physicians’ Clinic of Iowa’s orthopedic surgeons treat a variety of issues related to your bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves. Specifically, they treat elbow pain, foot and ankle injuries, hands, hip injuries or hip pain, knee issues, shoulder pain, as well as spine issues. Sports injuries, such as broken bones, ACL tears, tennis elbow and pulled groins can all be treated by a PCI orthopedic surgeon.

What type of surgery do PCI orthopedic surgeons offer?

  • Arthroscopic Procedures – used to visualize, diagnose and treat the problems inside of a joint. Arthroscopy is used to treat rotator cuff tears, carpal tunnel syndrome, general arthritis and torn ligaments.
  • Cartilage Replacement – In joints, such as elbows and knees, cartilage can wear out and cause joints to not move as easily. Cartilage can be damaged by sports injuries or other severe strains. Osteoarthritis and inflammatory arthritis can also damage cartilage.
  • Joint Replacement (hip, knee and shoulder) – Joints can be damaged by arthritis, injuries or other causes. An eroded joint can cause pain, stiffness or swelling. Hip replacements, and the other replacement surgeries, are done by removing the old joint and replacing it with one made from plastic, metal or both.
  • Minimally Invasive Procedures – Smaller incisions, less tissue damage, and less muscle trauma are all characteristics of minimally invasive procedures. Using minimally invasive technology, Orthopaedic surgeons are able to perform knee surgery, shoulder surgery, joint replacements, and spine surgery.
  • Osteotomies – Osteotomies are done to correct a bone that may be healing crooked, or is too long or misaligned. An osteotomy is a common way to treat types of arthritis and is practiced in the knee, hip, jaw and chin.
  • Reconstruction Procedures – Reconstructive procedures are sometimes used instead of full joint replacement surgeries. This involves correcting or filling a small portion of the joint or bone.
  • Trauma Care – fixes simple isolated fractures, such as a broken bone or life threatening accidents with multiple breaks. Trauma orthopedic surgeons are experienced in treating the more difficult fractures, such as those near a joint, the pelvis or multiple fractures to one bone.

Physicians’ Clinic of Iowa’s Orthopedic team is here for you at any stage of life – whether it is casting a broken arm, treating a sports injury, correcting some poorly healed fractures, or complete hip replacements, you can the benefit and experience of a well-rounded team of orthopedic surgeons right in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

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What Patients Say

Glenn Hughs: Double Knee Replacement Surgery with Dr. Sandeep Munjal

Michael Cash: Herniated Disc / Spine Surgery with Dr. Kevin Eck

Mark Albertsen: Hip Replacement with Dr. Jeffrey Nassif

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Did you receive great care or service from someone at PCI? Please tell us about it— and include specifics about your experience. What challenges did your doctor help you overcome? How did it affect you? The more detail you provide, the better we can recognize the doctor or a staff member who went above and beyond for you or your family.


I have been a patient of Heidi Sandersfeld since Dr. Munjal performed my total hip replacement 1 1/2 years ago. She has always taken the time to ensure that my questions were answered as I went through the process and helped me navigate through recovery and rehab. I would recommend Heidi and Dr. Munjal to anyone that needs this type of surgery.

-Alan - Mar, 2019

I have been seeing Dr. Munjal since my total right hip replacement 1 1/2 years ago. He always takes time to answer to my questions in a way that I can understand. He truly cares about his patients well-being. Since my surgery I have been pain free and would recommend Dr. Munjal to anyone that needs this type of treatment.

-Alan - Mar, 2019

I would just like to let you know how much I appreciate Jeannie at Dr. Switzer's office. I contacted her this morning about a disability claim and she was extremely helpful and had my paper work completed with in a couple of hours. This level of service is un-heard of these days and I just want you to know what a great job she is doing for you and your customers!! Thanks Jeannie!!! Bryan Brooks

-Bryan - Jan, 2019

I have been a patient at PCI since 1994. I was fortunate to have Dr. Pilcher as my physician until he retired from performing surgery. I thought I had hit the jackpot having him as my doctor and did not think I could find another doctor as caring, compassionate and competent. I remarried and moved to Williamsburg and decided to try another orthopedic clinic closer to my new home since I knew I would need a TKR soon. The first visit was so-so but I just told myself that it was because I missed Dr. Pilcher. My return visit was no better. The staff at the clinic did not smile and I felt like I was on an assembly line. My husband remarked later (after his first visit to PCI) that the difference between the 2 clinics was noticeable immediately. This includes all of the desk and support staff and how they smiled and treated me kindly. I had followed Dr. Munjal in the paper and decided I was interested in the Conformis knee. He also was caring, compassionate and competent. He delivered bad news (I could not have the Conformis knee) in a kind manner and giving me confidence that a standard knee replacement would work just fine. Just after my 6 week check-up from my TKR, I started having severe hip pain. I worked with my PCP at first but when the pain did not get better but worse I ended up at urgent care where they did an MRI showing spinal stenosis and bulging disc. I was not able to get an appointment very quickly so I contacted Dr. Munjal telling him I had not been able to do my PT for 3 weeks and informing him of my MRI results. He was able to get me in to Dr. Eck in 3 days. Dr. Eck was kind enough to come in on his day off to do my surgery. Once again, I experienced caring, compassionate and competent care. So, I realize now that there is a culture at PCI of being kind, caring, compassionate and competent. Even though I hope it is a while before I need specialty care, I know where I will go and I know that I will receive the best care possible. Thank you, Paula Watkins

-Paula - Aug, 2017

I received excellent care from Dr Fabiano and his staff. They were both professional and kind. I can now walk without pain on my two new total knee's.

-Julie - May, 2017

I have been seeing Dr. Hill since my knee replacement 1 1/2 years ago. He always has time for my questions and cares about my well-being. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

-Barbara - Apr, 2017

Very positive appt. Friendly staff, problem was promptly assessed and plan set.

-Kim - Jan, 2017

Dr. Switzer did my total right replacement surgery on August 12th. He did a great job. Pain is gone and the rehab went better than expected. I have recommended him others. Keep up the excellent work.

-Richard (Rad) - Dec, 2016

Dr. Hart did my total left shoulder replacement surgery on November 1st. Since that time, I have had NO pain and the recovery has been excellent. Truly appreciate his service in replacing the shoulder and making sure the recovery is successful. I would and have recommended him to family and friends. Thank you!!!

-Richard (Rad) - Dec, 2016

I had a hole in my cast. I called the office to find out if I needed to come in to have it reinforced. They asked me if I was available right now! Thats crazy! I arrived about 10 minutes later and only waited in the waiting room for maybe 2 minutes. The girls took me back and fixed it within a minute or two. They were very friendly and personable. I have yet to have a bad experience in this office. Everyone is so friendly and kind!!

-Courtney - Jul, 2016

I saw Dr. Ekroth on 05/11/2016 for severe arthritis in my ankles. I was very pleased with Dr. Ekroth with his knowledge, his manner, and most of all, his explanation of my condition! He was to the point, explained my options, of treatment and explained each one very clearly and in a way we could truly understand! I was very impressed with him!

-Terry - May, 2016

Dr. Hart and staff were great to work with. My surgery went extremely well and the recovery time was right on what he told me. I would recommend PCI and Dr Hart to anyone looking for a professional experience.

-Brad - May, 2016

Dr. Eck did a spinal fusion type surgery on my back for spondylolisthesis in 2008. My back has been in solid condition since then. I have 6 nice, neat straight scars to remind me of what doesn't hurt anymore. He did a great job.

-diana - Apr, 2016

Dr. Coester is an awesome orthopedic surgeon very knowledgeable and understands her work, she is a very sweet kind classy lady, that puts her patients health first , it's been a great pleasure having her as my doctor and I would strongly recommend her to anyone. Keep up the great work dr. Lisa coester you are a true blessing to the Health community.

-cliff - Apr, 2016

My rating for my right knee ACL replacement would be a ten score out of ten. Not sure what could have gone better! A big "thanks to all"

-Steve - Mar, 2016

Amy, the Surgery Scheduler for the Orthopaedics Department, went way out of her way when my insurance company decided to cancel my surgery. On 1-29-16, she was informed that United Healthcare was canceling the surgery, because the proper "authorization" hadn't been sent to the company by my primary physician. She made numerous phone calls to me and my insurance company and my primary physician to make sure that my surgery could take place on 2-1-16. She was a true Godsend to me. I appreciated her diligent efforts!

-Jo Marie - Feb, 2016

I had knee replacement surgery in November. Dr. Hart put my mind at ease as I confided in him that I had never had surgery of any kind and that I was putting my trust in him. His reassuring pat on the shoulder and words "I am going to take good care of you" where exactly what I needed to hear! I am now 2 1/2 months post surgery and after running around Chicago with my family this past weekend "knee pain-free", I am very thankful to Dr. Hart not only for his professionalism but also his kindness too. I must add I had outstanding nurses at St. Luke's also.

-Christi - Feb, 2016

I messed around with two family doctors for over a year. One visit to Dr Hart and he knew what was wrong with my shoulder and knew how to fix it. One week after my motion is back with minimal pain.

-andrew - Feb, 2016

I had a Left Total Knee replacement on July 28, 2015. Not only was Dr Munjal a wonderful surgeon, he surrounded me with an awesome team of caregivers to give me the very best outcome possible. I am so thankful to Dr Munjal and his team!!!

-Gelene - Sep, 2015

I recently suffered a post-op pelvic fracture after having surgery at local hospital. It's been a painful and frustrating situation and Dr. Lisa Coester has made this situation so much easier for me. When I first met her, she sat down next to me and touched my hand saying she understood that I was in pain. She went over the Xrays with me and was very thorough. Although she was very busy, she didn't rush through her visit with me and seemed very sincere. I've had many visits to the hospital and one to the ED with this whole experience and my visit with Dr. Coester was, by far, the most healing. I want to thank her and her nurse, Diane, for their kindness. My experience with PCI Orthopedics has been phenomenal.

-Kristina - Oct, 2014
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