Working at Physicians’ Clinic of Iowa

The talented and hard-working staff at PCI are the reason we are so successful. And while the desire to help and care for others is at the core of what we do, finding an employer that supports your personal, financial and professional development is essential.

We care about your work/life balance, your health, your future, and, ultimately, your career satisfaction.

As a team member at PCI, you can expect:

  • A culture that enables and encourages you to do your best work.
  • Collaboration within and across teams.
  • Commitment to best outcomes, high quality and exceeding expectations.
  • Leaders who rely on team members’ diverse ideas and perspectives.
  • Professional development opportunities and recognition for exemplary performance.
  • Competitive compensation, benefits and paid time off.
  • To be considered a member of the PCI Family!

PCI Service Standards

Being part of the PCI Family means more than how we treat our customers—how we treat each other is just as important. Our services standards reach deep into the attributes that make a great workplace: attitude, empathy, integrity and ownership. This commitment must be reflected by us at all times.

Our Service Standards

I believe that together we are changing lives for the better.

I am the face of PCI and together our actions reflect what is best for the patient.

I am responsible for my attitude and realize that I always have a choice.

I make it easy for others to work with me. I follow up and follow through.

I act with empathy and give each person the attention they deserve.


If you’re looking for a rewarding, yet flexible, experience, we invite you to become part of the volunteer team at Physicians' Clinic of Iowa Medical Pavilion. Work the hours that are convenient for you, enjoy socializing in a new surrounding and making new friends, while you help our patients navigate PCI.

Why Work at PCI?
Whether you've been in healthcare for years, or if you're just starting your career journey, PCI has a career for you. We have a wealth of opportunities to learn and grow as part of an amazing nursing team.

What Makes PCI A Premier Employer?
Hear from PCI employees, in their own words, what makes PCI one of the best employers in the Cedar Rapids Corridor

Why Choose Nursing?

Nursing is a fast growing career area with many opportunities. Deciding on your career and your future isn't an easy task. Wouldn't it be nice to know the full story from the people who actually work in the field? Hear honest answers from current patient care staff members at PCI.

Is Nursing Right for Me?

Most people choose to enter the health care profession because they want to help others. At PCI, we work hard to create top-notch patient experiences. Every day, we make a difference in the lives of the patients who trust PCI with their care.

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