Appointment Scheduling

Whether you’re looking for primary care from a family medicine provider, or specialized care from a surgeon, you can make an appointment at PCI.

Don’t know which PCI specialty area to make your appointment? That’s just fine. Come to our walk in clinic. We will evaluate your symptoms and refer you to the specialist who can best meet your needs.

Facility / Service Phone
Bone, Joint & Sports Medicine Center 319-398-1545
Ear, Nose & Throat Center 319-399-2022
Envisions Medical Spa 319-861-FACE (3223)
Primary Care & Wellness Center 319-364-7730
Comprehensive Urology Center 319-363-8171
General Surgery & Bariatric Surgery 319-362-5118
Heart & Lung Surgery 319-362-5118
Hematology & Oncology 319-297-2900
Imaging Center (X-ray, CT, MRI) 319-247-3750
Laboratory 319-247-3900
Neurology & Sleep Medicine* 319-398-1721
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation 319-247-3670
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery 319-247-3800
Podiatry & Foot Health 319-247-FOOT
Rheumatology* 319-398-1546
Vascular & Endovascular Surgery 319-368-8346

*Referral from a primary care physician required.