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Cochlear Implants at PCI

What is a cochlear implant?

cochlear implant is a surgically implanted electronic device that provides a sense of sound to individuals with severe to profound hearing loss. The cochlear implant bypasses the damaged structures of the inner ear and directly stimulates the auditory nerve. Cochlear implants can also help those patients with moderate to profound hearing loss in both ears who are not receiving enough benefit when using hearing aids. 

How the cochlear implant works:

  • The microphones on the sound processor will pick up sound and then the processor converts it into digital information
  • This information is transferred through the coil to the implant just under the skin
  • The implant sends digital sound signals down the electrode into the cochlea
  • The hearing nerve fibers in the cochlear pick up signals and send them to the brain, which is understood as sound.

Is a cochlear implant right for you?

Take the quiz below to determine your hearing needs: 

  1. Do you struggle to hear conversations, ask people to repeat themselves in a noisy restaurant or even in quiet room?
  2. Do you depend on a loved one or lip-reading to understand conversation?
  3. Do you avoid social activities because you don’t know what’s being said?
  4. Are you exhausted at the end of the day from trying to communicate?
  5. Do you only hear from one ear?
  6. Do you have malformed or chronically draining ears?
  7. Is it hard for you to talk on the phone?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, don’t wait to start living your life to the fullest again. Call (319) 399-2022 to schedule an appointment with our audiology team. 

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