Whether you’re wanting to recapture your youthful glow, fix an inherited issue, or need help after an accident or cancer procedure, PCI’s team of facial plastic surgeons are board-certified experts in the delicate bone and muscle structures of the face, ears, and neck.

Facial Plastics Treatment & Services

Rhinoplasty — Nose

Used to improve the appearance of a person’s nose, by changing the size and/or shape of the nose, narrowing the nostrils, and/or changing the angle between the nose and lips.

Rhytidectomy — Facelift

A surgical procedure that involves stretching and tightening of facial muscles and skin while also involving the removal of excess facial fat and wrinkles of the skin.

Mentoplasty — Chin

Used to improve the appearance of the chin. This can take the form of chin height reduction or chin rounding by osteotomy, or chin augmentation using implants.

Blepharoplasty — Eyelid Surgery

Procedure in which the physician surgically removes excess fat, muscle, and skin from both the upper and lower eyelids to redefine the shape of the eye.

Forehead & Brow Lift

Surgical removal of excess fat and skin, as well as a tightening of the muscles in the forehead area. It can correct sagging brows or deep furrows between the eyes. It is often done in conjunction with a facelift in order to create a smoother facial appearance overall.

Otoplasty — Ears

Changing or reshaping the ear auricle, usually due to congenitally prominent or protruding ears.

Facial Scar Treatment

The goal is to improve the appearance of the scar either by disguising it, relocating it, or minimizing its prominence. There is no way to remove scars completely.

Facial Reconstruction

Facial plastic surgeons fix lacerations and fractures due to traumatic events or surgically repair your appearance after procedures to remove cancerous tumors.