Posted on November 14, 2023


man gets ear plugs

Exposure to loud sounds can cause permanent, irreversible hearing loss. As the world around us gets noisier, hearing protection is necessary in certain situations to prevent hearing loss. PCI Audiology & Hearing Aids offers a wide range of custom hearing protection options.

What are the advantages of custom hearing protection?

Custom made hearing protection is manufactured to fit your specific ear shape and size. This provides repeatable, consistent protection, as well as increased comfort if worn for long periods of time.

What is the process to obtain custom hearing protection?

These earplugs are made just for you. An audiologist will take an impression of your ear, much like a dental impression. This impression is then sent to a manufacturer who makes the earplug(s) exactly to fit your ear in the style and color you choose. This process typically takes 2-4 weeks. Once the earplugs arrive at our office, you may choose to pick them up or schedule an appointment with your audiologist to check the fit of your earmolds.

What types or styles are available?

There are many types of earplugs that function best for different purposes. Your audiologist can talk to you about the differences and which type of hearing protection would be best for you. The costs below are for 1 or 2 plugs and include the appointment visit for the impressions as well as the plugs. All plugs are available in a variety of colors including solid, swirled, camouflage, and glitter.

  • Swim plugs: (cost is $80 for 1/$160 for a pair)
  • Noise plugs: (cost is $80 for 1/$160 for a pair)
    • Solid plugs: These provide the most noise attenuation
    • Sleep plugs: these are designed to be more flexible and comfortable to wear during sleep.
  • Defend Ear/ Hunter Passive plugs: (cost is $100 for 1/ $200 for a pair)
  • Musician (filtered) plugs: (cost is $120 for 1/$240 for a pair)
    These provide less noise attenuation (block less sound) than solid plugs, but allow music to sound more natural than it would through a solid plug.
  • Digital hearing protection: (cost is $1000 for a pair- not available for a single ear)

How long do they last?

Earplugs are made of a medical-grade silicone material and are designed to last for years of reliable use. However, due to the soft nature of the material, they may break down or tear over time. The earplugs typically come with a 3 or 6 month manufacturer warranty, within which time we can have them revised to fit better if needed, or have them remade if there is damage to them.

How do I care for the earplugs once I have them?

Plugs should be cleaned of ear wax, dirt, and debris after each use. For plugs without filters, it is best to use a damp cloth to wipe them.