Posted on August 22, 2022

New Robotic Technology Revolutionizes Prostate Cancer Treatment

For nearly 20 years, PCI Urology has consistently been a regional leader in implementing the latest in minimally invasive robotic technology to improve outcomes and shorten recovery for our patients. 

The department has achieved a regional referral status and has helped develop a robotic Center of Excellence, along with UnityPoint - St. Luke’s Hospital in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Minimally Invasive Advancements

This exciting and ever-changing landscape transitioned to the single port robotic surgery platform in the fall of 2019.  Certain robotic surgeries, such a prostatectomy for prostate cancer, can now be performed through a single incision, paving the way for improved outcomes and quicker recovery including same day outpatient surgery. Patients who undergo single-port surgery report less pain and a faster recovery than with other minimally invasive surgeries.

What is Single Port Robotic Surgery?

During a single-port robotic surgery, the surgeon makes one small incision, either near the navel or abdomen, depending on they procedure. The surgeon then connects a single-port robot to the port and performs the entire procedure through this single small opening.

Single-port surgery leaves almost no scarring and patients need little or no narcotic pain killers after surgery. Most patients are able to leave the hospital the same day as their surgery and recover quickly.

PCI Urology remains the ONLY practice in the state of Iowa and one of the very few in the Midwest offering this cutting-edge step in urologic care.

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