Our commitment doesn't end when a patient leaves our office; we recognize that the best way to accomplish our mission is through support of worthy community organizations and events.

Because we get a high volume of requests for donations and sponsorships each year, it is necessary for us to follow defined criteria when it comes to allocating our support. While we would love to be able to approve every request, the reality is that we cannot accommodate everyone.

The following sponsorship criteria are designed to help determine what organizations will be considered. These guidelines ensure that the process is fair, equitable and supports our mission to improve the health of those in the Eastern Iowa region.

Please review the criteria below to help you determine whether your event or organization is an ideal candidate for our support. If you feel like it’s a perfect fit, then follow the instructions on requesting donation or sponsorship.


We value partnerships that help us further our mission to improve the health and quality of life of the communities we serve.  In doing so, we allocate resources to support special events and programs of organizations that:

  • Relate to health promotion and disease prevention
  • Relate to community outreach or special social and welfare needs 
  • Support community development 

As a rule, Physicians’ Clinic of Iowa does NOT support the following types of organizations or activities through corporate contributions or sponsorships:

  • Individuals or individual endeavors
  • Activities located outside our geographic service area 
  • Political, religious, fraternal, or labor organizations
  • K-12 athletics and extracurricular activities
  • Objectives which are not aligned with our mission or values, or are incompatible with our brand image
  • Capital requests 
  • Duplication of multiple requests from the same organization
  • Multi-year requests 


To apply for a sponsorship or contribution, all organizations must submit a request form (below). This standard form is in place to ensure that all applications are evaluated equally and fulfill our mission, values and strategic plan.


Priority will be given to opportunities that support:

  • Not-for-profit organizations 
  • One or more of our medical or surgical specialties 
  • Community health care need(s) and promote public awareness 
  • High visibility and positive public awareness for PCI’s message and services to a wide audience 
  • Speaking opportunities for our providers 
  • The area in geographic proximity to the MedQuarter Regional Medical District 

We assess the merit of each request on an individual basis. A representative of PCI will contact you should we have any questions or need additional information.

Decisions are based on consistency with PCI’s community sponsorship guidelines and funding availability. Depending upon availability of funds, requests may be denied even if they fit criteria.

If your request is approved you will receive notification from PCI. Questions about our sponsorship process and criteria may be directed to marketing@pcofiowa.com.  

Thank you for considering a partnership with Physicians’ Clinic of Iowa and we hope we can work with you to support your event or organization! 


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