Our vascular surgeons offer skilled diagnosis, state of the art minimally invasive treatments and  comprehensive care for patients with vascular disease. We detect and diagnose vascular disease using noninvasive ultrasound and arteriography, then correct issues using open surgical reconstruction or minimally invasive endovascular techniques.

Vascular surgeons are uniquely positioned to provide the most skillful, comprehensive, and unbiased care possible to their patients.

Vascular Surgery Treatment & Services

Vascular surgeons have been able to perform most endovascular procedures (angiography, balloon, and stents) on an outpatient basis for well over a decade. In addition, most dialysis access procedures can be successfully accomplished as outpatient. 

PCI’s vascular surgeons have dramatically expanded access to many procedures in the office, meaning patients can be seen at PCI without using a hospital or surgery center.

Patients can have most of their arterial and all varicose vein treatments performed at the office. With venous diseases, everything from varicose vein injection and removal, vein ablation techniques, newer vein “gluing” procedures and even placement of venous stents can all be done at PCI. 

PCI Vascular Surgery has been successfully performing complex angiographic procedures in the office for nearly 8 years, including angioplasty (balloon) and stent treatment of arteries as well as various atherectomy techniques using both x-ray and intravascular ultrasound technologies. 

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