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Cancer Team

Cancer Care Team

PCI oncologists and surgeons work in collaboration with the Helen G. Nassif Community Cancer Center where individuals benefit from a physician-driven, patient-centered approach to cancer care. Your team of medical professionals work together to ensure you receive the highest quality, personalized care. These individuals form a multidisciplinary care team. We believe this team approach is essential in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, which can involve a combination of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Medical Oncologist — A medical oncologist works to diagnose and treat cancer. They specialize in treating cancer with chemotherapy or other medications.

Surgeon—A surgeon works to diagnose and treat cancer. They specialize in the removal of tissue for the treatment of cancer. Surgeons perform biopsies (the removal of a small amount of tissue for examination under a microscope) and removal of tumors and surrounding tissue during an operation.

Thoracic Surgeon—A thoracic surgeon operates specifically on areas in the chest (thorax) such as heart, lungs, diaphragm, and esophagus. Thoracic surgeons perform biopsies (the removal of a small amount of tissue for examination under a microscope) and removal of tumors and surrounding tissue during an operation.

Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon—A reconstructive or plastic surgeon specializes in restoring the way the body looks. This might involve rebuilding removed tissue or reshaping injured tissue. In reconstruction (rebuilding tissue), the surgeon may use tissue from other areas of the body to hold a shape or form over time.

Nurse Practitioner—A nurse practitioner works as part of the multidisciplinary team to manage and treat cancer. Nurse practitioners work closely with medical oncologist to provide information and education associated with treatment and side effects.

Collaborative Partners

  • Pathology – A cancer Pathologist will look at tissues, often from biopsy, to determine if that tissue is cancerous.
  • Radiology – Radiologist use imaging to determine if further courses of actions are necessary for a cancer diagnosis. Types of imaging include ultrasound, mammography, tomography scans, and MRIs. 
  • Radiation Oncology – Radiation Oncologists use high frequency radiation waves to kill cancer cells. PCI Oncologists carefully plan a run of radiation treatment to mitigate side effects.
  • Palliative Care and Hospice Care – Palliative Care and Hospice care focus on improving the patients’ quality of life during or after treatment. This care works to relieve the pain, symptoms, and stress associated with cancer care.
  • Pulmonologist —A pulmonologist works a to diagnose cancer and manage certain symptoms of cancer. They have specialized experience and knowledge in the diagnosis and treatment of lung (pulmonary) conditions and diseases.

Cancer Care Coordination -
Our Partnership with Helen G Nassif Community Cancer Center

PCI and the Helen G. Nassif Community Cancer Center use a unique approach to coordination of care. Cancer Care Coordinators available to all cancer patients diagnosed or seen in the PCI Medical Pavilion.

What does your Cancer Care Coordinator do for you?

• Serve as a point of contact for you, your family, and friends

• Facilitate coordination and timeliness of your care—ensuring the right place, right time, and right team members

• Communicate with all team members involved with your care, including physicians

• Provide education, insight, and support as to how cancer affects your life. This allows you to prepare for changing needs and the possible impact on your physical and emotional states

• Identify your needs and connect you with the appropriate services

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