Posted on June 15, 2021

Respironics PAP Safety Recall

Recently, Philips decided to voluntarily issue a recall notification to inform patients and customers of potential impacts on patient health and clinical use related to PAP devices.

  1. This is Safety Recall and to date no long term damage has been found in patients using these devices. The issue is with some soundproofing material in the machine that can break down and emit gas or particles. This is more of a problem in areas where the machine is subjected to HIGH HEAT and HUMIDITY or OZONE (from a cleaning device).
  2. Respironics will repair or replace all of these PAP devices, but we don’t have details yet on that process.
  3. SoClean®, and all other cleaning devices, should not be used as they’re likely damaging the machines and putting people at possible risk.
  4. If you’ve not been using a SoClean® or other cleaning device, the risk is probably very low, and the benefits for you may outweigh these possible risks to continue using your PAP.
  5. The current recommendation from Respironics is to stop using these devices out of an abundance of caution until they can be repaired or replaced. However, we suggest you continue using your PAP machine if you feel you benefit from it. Clean your device following manufacturer’s instructions. Your PAP machine should get recalled and fixed/replaced once the FDA approves whatever process is finalized.

For more information, go to the Philips website >>

Updated 7/16/2021