PCI's Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) is led by highly-trained and experienced physicians who are board-certified otolaryngologists. They specialize in the medical and surgical treatment of disorders and diseases of the ear, nose and throat, in both adults and children.

Unlike other physician offices, we combine complete diagnostic services, treatment and follow-up care under one roof.

Head & Neck Surgery Treatment & Services

Cancers of the Head and Neck - PCI otolaryngologists will help you on every step of your journey to recovery, from diagnosis to treatment. We offer the  most current treatment options available, and base each treatment plan on the individual needs of our patients.

Balloon Sinuplasty - Balloon sinuplasty is the leading treatment for sinusitis. Also known as balloon dilation, it is a surgery to widen blocked sinus passages without cutting or tissue removal. Ultimately, to determine  whether you are an appropriate candidate for balloon sinus dilation or other treatment options, an ENT physician must perform a medical examination and evaluation. WATCH: Dr. Thomas Heineman discusses chronic sinusitis and balloon sinuplasty >>

Ear Tubes - Otitis media means “inflammation of the middle ear,” as a result of a middle ear infection. It can occur in one or both ears. Otitis media is the most frequent diagnosis for children who visit physicians for illness. It is also the most common cause of hearing loss in children. Although otitis media is most common in young children, it occasionally affects adults. Frequent ear infections can be treated by inserting ear tubes.

Snoring - Snoring may be an indication of obstructed breathing and should not be taken lightly. An otolaryngologist can help you to determine where the anatomic source of your snoring may be and offer solutions.

Thyroid & Parathyroid Surgery - Today's thyroid and parathyroid surgeries are very safe, effective and relatively easy to recover from. If your endocrinologist determines that thyroid surgery is necessary, PCI ENT surgeons can perform minimally invasive procedures that cause less pain, allow easier recoveries and result in smaller incisions.

Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery - PCI ENT physicians are board certified to perform both reconstructive and cosmetic facial plastic surgery. They are rigorously trained in the complicated head and neck area and have extensive experience in facial plastic surgery techniques.

More Information About Common Ear, Nose & Throat Surgeries

Thyroid Cancer Screening & Treatment

Dr. Michael Telisak discusses Thyroid Cancer. Topics include risk factors, symptoms, treatments, whether hypothyroidism increases the risk of thyroid cancer and more.

Chronic Sinusitis/Balloon Sinuplasty Overview

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Thyroid Overview

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