Did you know that you can have a total or partial hip, knee or shoulder replacement surgery and go home the same day? 

That's right. The orthopedic surgeons at Physicians' Clinic of Iowa have partnered with Surgery Center Cedar Rapids and Mercy Outpatient Surgery Center to bring same day joint replacement surgeries to the Cedar Rapids Corridor. Patients who qualify can have their surgery on an outpatient basis - that means no hospital stay and no hospital fees!

Surgeries are normally performed in the morning. Once awake from anesthesia, patients are up moving around within an hour. They then have an appointment with a Rock Valley physical therapist onsite.  Once cleared, that's it - you're released to leave and recover in the comfort of your own home.

Talk to your doctor about your eligibility for a same day joint replacement. For more information, contact PCI Bone, Joint & Sports Medicine - Orthopedics at (319) 398-1545.

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Learn More About Same Day Joint Replacements

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Cedar Rapids knee replacement patient Ed talks about his journey away from joint pain back to his active lifestyle. For healthy patients, outpatient total knee and hip surgeries are a great alternative. No hospital stay means no huge hospital bills! Physicians' Clinic of Iowa, working together with Surgery Center Cedar Rapids, is the only clinic in the area providing this option to patients.