Physicians' Clinic of Iowa Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation is the only clinic in eastern Iowa to offer coordinated care for amputees.

Amputation of a limb is a life changing event. A person may lose a limb due to a congenital defect, accident, illness, or war injury.

Common with post amputation care, the patient likely sees their therapist, prosthetist (person who makes prosthetic limb), and physician on different days. This can delay the delivery of the prosthetic limb.

The Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at PCI, however, has streamlined the process by working closely with local therapists and prosthetic companies to ensure a more efficient process.

For most patients, we are able to coordinate any pre-prosthetic testing with local therapists and the appointment with the physician and prosthetist all on the same day. For many, the physician and prosthetist will evaluate the patient together.

Clark & Associates Prosthetics & Orthotics is located on the PCI Medical Campus. 

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