There are a few steps you will need to take in order to prepare for your upcoming surgery:

Insurance: A PCI Prior Authorization Specialist will verify prior authorization with your health insurance before your surgery is scheduled. This process takes 1-15 days, on average.  

Scheduling: An ENT Surgery Scheduler will contact you to schedule your surgery once prior authorization is obtained.

Surgical Cost: A PCI Financial Counselor may contact you to review your insurance benefits and possible pre-payment, if applicable. If a cost estimate is preferred prior to scheduling surgery, contact your ENT Surgery Scheduler.

Pre-surgical Clearance: Your primary care physician will evaluate your health to ensure that you can undergo surgery. This evaluation, called a history and physical, is needed within 30 days of surgery. Pre-operative labs, EKG or specialty clearance may be required as part of this process. Examples include Cardiology, Pulmonology, Nephrology etc.

COVID-19: Pre-surgical COVID-19 PCR molecular nasal swab test may be required prior to surgery (this is determined by the surgical facility). If required, patient must follow facility quarantine guidelines after testing.

Click here for a list of COVID testing sites>>

Click here for quarantine guidelines after your COVID test>>

Click here for more information on positive COVID test/exposure guidelines >>

Pre-surgical Instructions: Patient/guardian will receive a surgical packet via mail and a pre-operative call from the surgical facility nurse. This nurse will review pre-surgical instructions, answer any pre-surgical questions, review patient’s medical history and give medication instructions for surgery. Blood thinner instructions will be given by the ENT Surgery Scheduler.

Day of Surgery: Patient must have a driver the day of surgery if systemic anesthesia is being used, for example, general anesthesia or IV sedation. Patient also must follow dietary instructions given by the facility nurse. A driver is not required for LOCAL anesthesia cases and no dietary restrictions apply.

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