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What Patients Say

Kristina: Bed side manner makes all the difference

Kristina shares her story and her love for PCI! After a bone graft, Kristina broke her hip. She requested to be treated at PCI and was cared for by Dr. Lisa Coester. Dr. Coester's focus on coordinated care, as well as her patient commitment, helped Kristina to a full recovery.

Doug: Avoided prostate cancer with a simple test

A routine test uncovered prostate cancer risk. Doug and Dr. Jonathan Rippentrop discuss the importance of prostate cancer screenings for healthy aging.

Don Kilts: Heart Valve Replacement with James Levett, MD.

Don shares his experience with open heart surgery, performed by Dr. James Levett.

Debi Hall: Hearing Loss & Hearing Aids with Angie Jenkins, CCC-A

Debi share's her struggle with hearing loss, the care she received at PCI Ear, Nose & Throat, and her decision to get hearing aids with audiologist Angie Jenkins, CCC-A.

Mary: Rheumatoid Arthritis with Dr. Shahin Bagheri

Mary share's her story of being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and her experience with Shahin Bagheri, MD, FACP, FACR, PCI rheumatologist.

Glenn Hughes: Double Knee Replacement with Dr. Sandeep Munjal

Glenn talks about having joint replacement surgery on both knees and his appreciation for Sandeep Munjal, MD, FAAOS, PCI orthopaedic surgeon.

Michael Cash: Herniated Disc  & Spine Surgery with Dr. Kevin Eck

Michael Cash was rushed to an Emergency Room for a herniated disc. There, he was met by Kevin R. Eck, MD, FAAOSPCI orthopaedic surgeon, who performed immediate spine surgery.

Gloria Davidson: Angioplasty with Dr. David Lawrence

Gloria Davidson shares his story about being the first ever angioplasty patient at PCI, and how her surgeon David Lawrence MD, FACS (Vascular & Endovascular Surgery) made the experience so special!

Jeanette McCall: Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty with Dr. Jeffrey Krivit

Jeanette struggled with a nose injury for several years. Hear her story about coming to PCI and working with Jeffrey Krivit, MD, FACS Ear, Nose & Throat specialist and facial plastic surgeon, and having a Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty procedure done.

Mark Albertsen: Hip Replacement Surgery with Dr. Jeffrey Nassif

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Watch as Mark shares why PCI made this surgery and the experience so unique, alongside his surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Nassif, orthopaedic surgeon.

Seth Anderson: Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma & Cancer Surgery with Dr. Ryan Dempewolf

Seth shares his story about his battle with cancer, and what brought him to PCI. Dr. Ryan Dempewolf, an Ear, Nose & Throat specialist (and Seth's surgeon), gives his insight on the process and what makes PCI unique.

Barbara Andrews: Breast Cancer & Cancer Surgery with Dr. Robert Brimmer

Barbara came to PCI after she was diagnosed with a small breast cancer. Listen to her journey, and how her surgeon at PCI (Dr. Robert Brimmer), used a new and cutting-edge technology (Interoperative Electron Radiation Therapy) to speed her recovery process, along with minimizing scaring and side-effects.

Susan Briley: Foot Surgery with Dr. Ryan McBride

Susan shares her story of what brought her to PCI, and how her surgeon and everyone at PCI made it such a pleasant experience. Dr. Ryan McBride, Susan's podiatrist and surgeon, also sits in to explain the procedure, as well as why PCI goes above and beyond.

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