Posted on January 07, 2020

PCI Earns National Honor for Superior Patient Experience

SurveyVitals, a healthcare analytics company specializing in patient experience surveys, released its list of top performing organizations. Both PCI Plastic Surgery and PCI Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation attained patient experience scores that outperformed those of thousands of practices across the country.

Scores were calculated from actual patient feedback collected in 2019. “We are thrilled to highlight these organizations that have achieved this distinction,” said Bob Vosburgh, CEO of SurveyVitals. “Their commitment to excellence and doing right by their patients really shows and deserves to be rewarded.”

“At PCI, from our providers to our staff, patients really do come first and I think that is reflected in our scores,” said Michael Sundall, CEO of Physicians’ Clinic of Iowa (PCI). “Our organization recently launched a new initiative aimed at raising the bar on our commitment to patients by creating unmatched experiences at our growing Medical Pavilion campus. Our intent with the strategic plan is to elevate patient satisfaction and create an atmosphere of accountability. We believe the outstanding performance of our Plastic Surgery and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation physicians and staff exemplify this renewed commitment.”

SurveyVitals offers a suite of survey tools that give healthcare providers and organizations the insights they need to succeed in today’s pay-for-performance environment. Surveys are administered via text message, email, and phone. Response data is tallied immediately, and robust online reports provide a real-time view into the health of an organization.

Recipients of SurveyVitals Top 10% award are determined using composite mean scores from thousands of patient experience surveys completed each quarter. Organizations ranked against their peers using composite percentile ranking with a statistical confidence of 80%+ receive this designation.

About SurveyVitals
SurveyVitals inspires positive change in healthcare by providing real-time, actionable patient feedback to providers and organizations through innovative technology. With millions of surveys in the benchmark to compare against and thousands of practice locations across the country, SurveyVitals gives healthcare organizations and providers the tools needed to thrive in the modern healthcare setting. Learn more about SurveyVitals by visiting

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