Posted on August 24, 2021

PCI Announces Expansion of New Medical Mall Tenants

Physicians’ Clinic of Iowa (PCI) today announced Phase 3 of their expansion of specialty medical services within the PCI Medical Pavilions, located at 202 and 275 10th Street SE.

“PCI is poised to move forward with Phase 3 of the ‘medical mall’ concept,” said Eric Dalton, currently PCI CAO/CFO and incoming Chief Executive Officer. “Phase 1 was the completion of Medical Pavilion 1 in 2013. Phase 2 was the completion of Medical Pavilion 2 in 2020.

“In Phase 3, our vision is to expand the portfolio of medical services offered under our roofs to include a variety of complimentary services such as women’s health, eye and optical care, chiropractic care, massage therapy, dietary counseling, a fitness center and a pharmacy,” Dalton continued. PCI is working with Skogman Commercial to attract new specialty medicine businesses to the growing Cedar Rapids Medical Quarter.

Currently, PCI Medical Pavilion 1, at 230,000+ square feet and three stories, is home to seven PCI medical and surgical clinics, a diagnostic laboratory, diagnostic imaging center, CarePro Home Medical, Caribou Coffee, Clark and Associates Prosthetics and Orthotics, Forefront Dermatology, Nassif Community Cancer Center, St. Luke’s Hospital Radiation Center, St. Luke’s STAR, UnityPoint Breast & Bone and UnityPoint Heart Care Clinic.

Medical Pavilion 2, at 100,000+ square feet and three stories, adjoined to the original pavilion by a skywalk system, houses seven additional PCI medical and surgical clinics, a diagnostic laboratory, diagnostic imaging center, the Eastern Iowa Sleep Center, Eastern Iowa Sleep Supply and UnityPoint Home Medical Equipment.

The facilities see nearly 1.2 million visitors annually. “PCI piloted the medical mall concept in Eastern Iowa. Co-locating multiple specialty medical services in one location is extremely convenient for patients and creates a medical destination in the Cedar Rapids Medical Quarter,” Dalton said. “PCI is akin to the Mayo Clinic with an array of expert specialty medical and surgical physicians and complementary services. Every year, hundreds of patients travel to Cedar Rapids to seek these exceptional services.”

For information on leasing available space, becoming a PCI Medical Pavilion tenant or scheduling a tour, please contact Douglas Laird, Skogman Realty at (319) 360-8577

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