Posted on January 21, 2020

Appointments Available at New Primary Care and Wellness Center

Physicians’ Clinic of Iowa has launched a new Primary Care and Wellness Center aimed at providing needed health and wellness care access for all generations, while at the same time incorporating convenient options for families on the go.

“The trouble with the traditional primary care model is that the ‘call and wait weeks for an appointment’ model for basic care isn’t what people look for anymore. People can research and educate themselves easily on the internet, so physicians need to take their care model one step further,” Sundall said. “People want more robust services and faster appointments. They may want to have an appointment with a physician and never leave home. Expectations have changed.”

The Primary Care and Wellness Center brings together all aspects of primary care and merges wellness, preventative, urgent, chronic and integrative care into one comprehensive center. Highlights of the new center include:

  • Family Medicine: Those who prefer traditional family medicine can still make appointments with a primary care physician for diagnosis and management of acute and chronic illnesses, behavioral health, prevention and testing, and treatment of routine conditions. PCI has a team dedicated to wellness and preventative care for men, women and children of all ages. From recommendations for periodic health exams and screenings to wellness education and support in locating various preventative services, our team can help patients avoid chronic illness and lead fuller, healthier lives. Always accepting new patients. Appointments are available, some same-day or next day. Call (319) 364-7730 for more information.
  • Walk In Care: Those who prefer walk-in family care can choose PCI’s Walk In Care clinic. “What sets this service apart is removing the urgent or emergent aspects from on-demand care,” Sundall said. “People should be able to walk in and get the basics, like a physical, immunizations or just a consult without waiting weeks for an appointment. If you’re sick or hurting, and you just want to drop in quickly to have it checked out, that’s what we’re here for.” Those who need more in-depth care can be referred to PCI’s specialty providers. No appointment needed.
  • Internal Medicine & Health Transitions Clinic: PCI’s Internal Medicine Team provides care for those with chronic illness, with special focus on type 2 diabetes and insulin management. In fact, patients who enroll in the physician-directed and supervised Health Transitions Clinic program have achieved significant reduction or even complete elimination of insulin and other expensive prescription drugs. Always accepting new patients. Appointments available by calling (319) 247-3899.

The PCI Primary Care & Wellness Center is located on the first floor of Medical Pavilion 2, 275 10th Street SE, Cedar Rapids, suites 1110 and 1120.