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Physical/Occupational Therapy

Physical Therapy and Hand Therapy, powered by Rock Valley

Physical therapists help patients restore mobility and reduce pain, usually without the need for surgery and with minimal side effects. Our physical therapists analyze the muscle strains you are experiencing, or the post-operative goals, and develop a customized plan to get you feeling great again. Physical therapy is not just about treating problems – there is also a preventative element to the practice. Physical therapists work with you to prevent the progression of impairments, potential future limitations and to manage addition symptoms.

Before Surgery – A pre-surgery consultation with a physical therapist can cover post-operative appointments, ways to move safely in and out of bed after surgery, or your physical therapist can run through exercises to help enhance your range of motion or strength before surgery.

After Surgery – After surgery, you will have to strengthen muscles. The goal of physical therapy is to prepare you for a return to work, recreational activities, any other physical activities, all while making sure not to rush the process or do further harm.

Sports Injury Rehabilitation- Sports injuries, while usually only taking place on the musculoskeletal system, can happen anywhere on your body. Common types of ailments are sprains, strains, Achilles Tendonitis, joint dislocations and fractures. Our physical therapists work with you to get back to 100 percent again! Knee pain and ankle aches are common issues that people overlook that can turn into a larger problem.

Strength Training – If you are experiencing reoccurring pain, strength training may be a good option. Strengthening muscles in targeted regions can help reduce strain and the associated pain.


Hand therapists primarily help patients successfully recover from surgery, but they also provide non-surgical solutions to common problems, as well as educate patients to prevent injury in hands, wrists, elbows or arms.

Hand Therapy can be preventative, to reduce acute or chronic pain, or it can be used after nerve injury for sensory re-education. Hand therapy is used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, rotator cuff injuries, carpal tunnel, hand fractures, stroke victims and most sports injuries.

Custom Splinting is used to aid and correct the healing of various areas of the arm. When recovering, certain areas need to be relaxed, while others need to be strengthened. Our occupational therapists create a one of a kind splint that is perfect fit to you to ensure the most comfort

Lymphedema Treatment – Lyphedema is the swelling of arms or legs after the removal or damage of a lymph node. While there is no cure for Lymphedema, there are wraps, massages, and exercises designed to treat this condition.

Astym®/Graston Technique – Used as a treatment for pain and stiffness, treatment is done on the whole limb of the affected area. Treatment is designed to flush out toxins to promote good healing. Treatment skips over medication, keeping side effects minimal. Learn more at the Astym official site >>


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