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Physicians Clinic of Iowa Announces Move to eClinicalWorks

February 19, 2018 at 10:22 AM

Physicians’ Clinic of Iowa, the Corridor’s largest private multispecialty physician group, announced today a sweeping upgrade to patient care.

“After a thorough exploratory process, PCI will shift to eClinicalWorks’ electronic health records/practice management (EHR/PM) system,” said Michael Sundall, Physicians’ Clinic of Iowa Chief Executive Officer. “Not only does eClinicalWorks provide a wealth of convenient patient-focused features, it links patient demographics and medical records to insurance, billing and claims data. These features are very appealing to PCI as we move forward with our next generation EHR.”

“eClinicalWorks is really the gold standard for independent multispecialty clinics,” said Jeremy Thorsgaard, Physicians’ Clinic of Iowa Chief Information Officer. “The software’s features are tailor-made for our unique processes and provide the best pathway to provide excellent patient care.”

Some of the software’s main features, which helped to affect PCI’s decision, include:

  • Interaction with multiple health records systems. Because PCI partners with many health entities in the Corridor and beyond, the ability for the software to integrate and communicate with other EHR platforms was critical. Additionally, sharing key patient care data isn’t a one-way street. Medical providers working with PCI specialists will be able to more easily retrieve data from PCI, as well.
  • New ways to interact with patients. Secure messaging and patient communication tools are built right into the system. Patients will now be able to easily request medications and appointments, securely communicate with clinic staff and electronically complete forms, all from their personal device using the system’s mobile app.
  • Mobile and kiosk check-in. Faster check-in will ease congestion during busy clinic hours and ensure patients spend less time in the waiting room.

The new software also has key components that streamline behind-the-scenes physician processes, lightening the administrative load and freeing up time for patient care.

PCI will be moving from its current Intergy EHR software to eClinicalWorks over the next six to eight months. There will be no disruption in patient care as the system will be strategically implemented according to a carefully mapped plan. During the transition phase, PCI will review and standardize processes and workflows across the organization. “Introducing a new system is the perfect time to take a step back and analyze the entire organization. PCI already sets the bar for smooth and convenient coordination of patients among clinics, however, there’s always opportunity to grow and learn,” Thorsgaard said.


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