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PCIs Perri Introduces New Care Model to the Corridor

November 26, 2018 at 8:40 AM

New approaches promote faster, more personalized care

When Gina Perri, MD, returned to active practice in Cedar Rapids, at Physicians’ Clinic of Iowa, her goal was to launch her new primary care model to a wider audience in the Corridor.

“Significant changes are coming to healthcare and we want to be on the leading edge,” Dr. Perri said. “Like other sectors, healthcare is becoming more consumer driven. Patients have expectations of high quality, personalized care delivered to them on their terms. We are working toward creating a model that would give patients the customized care they need more quickly, and utilizing new technologies to create greater access.”

During her 25-year medical career, Dr. Perri practiced family medicine in the Cedar Rapids area with Family Physicians of Cedar Rapids, P.C., and MercyCare Community Physicians, then at the Marshfield Clinic, Marshfield, Wisconsin. It was at the Marshfield Clinic that Dr. Perri began studying the “behind the scenes” physician and staff processes, looking for ways to improve care and alleviate cumbersome tasks. Dr. Perri joined PCI in July and began seeing patients in September. She has been working with PCI administration to implement many of the same changes she spearheaded in Wisconsin.

“We are passionate about developing and restructuring healthcare delivery on the front lines in primary care. Our model uses team-based care, so we can efficiently deliver needed services in a timely manner,” Dr. Perri continued. “Additionally, we’re researching news ways to expand mobile health technology, to increase patient access to healthcare.”

The focus of primary care is shifting away from cookie-cutter care to customized treatment that recognizes the total person. “There are a many factors affecting a person’s diagnosis, the most obvious being diet and exercise, but other factors attribute as well, including family history, spiritual and personal preferences and social wellbeing,” she said. “As primary care physicians, we are often the first to recognize and recommend treatment for chronic illnesses. Recognizing that most of a patient’s physical and mental health is attributed to his/her behavior, we place a high level of importance on promoting healthy behaviors, de-emphasizing medications and targeting addictions that plague our country and community.”

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