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PCIs Perri Advances Efforts to Upgrade Iowas Medical Resident Curriculum

February 18, 2019 at 8:44 AM

Gina Perri, MD, family medicine physician at Physicians’ Clinic of Iowa and department chair of the family medicine group, is partnering on a long-term project to create more computer- and technology-focused curriculum for medical residents.

The project is a joint venture between Dr. Perri and a family medicine residency program in Iowa.

Phase one of the program launches in April 2019, when resident doctors in the family medicine residency program will be surveyed to measure their baseline performance and efficiency in using various functions within the electronic medical record (EMR) system. Based on those results, she and the research team will then develop new curriculum targeted at addressing gaps in their education.

“Everything from making diagnoses and delivering medications, to more advanced remote patient monitoring and telehealth programs, doctors depend on technology,” Dr. Perri said. “What we’ve seeing is that many health care entities have different EMR platforms and rarely provide in-depth training. Medical resident doctors need to know how to adapt to different platforms and how to make the EMR work better and more efficiently for them. This program will allow us to determine their baseline knowledge then tailor instructional programs to meet them where they are and bring them to the next step.”

Research, measurement and curriculum streamlining is expected to last up to two years. At the conclusion, Perri and members of the residency faculty will publish their findings. The project comes at a critical time, as physician roles and expectations are changing. “Preliminary discussions have already stirred a great deal of excitement among the residents,” Dr. Perri said. “Their eagerness to participate reflects the desire to seek out new processes to reduce the burdensome demands on their time, currently imposed by inefficiencies working in EMR.”

Once complete, the project results and updated curriculum could reach other residency programs across the country. “The goal is to improve doctors in training and to develop curriculum to make resident doctors more efficient and proficient in delivering service accurately and in a timely manner. At the end of the project, we should have solid data to support the curriculum changes,” Dr. Perri said.


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